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Our Company is the biggest realty innovation business in The Netherlands. We have a strong grip in Germany and just recently entered the United States. We establish wise, state-of-the-art office complex, constantly with a sustainable footprint. Our core function is to develop much healthier working, living and discovering environments by utilizing wise innovation. Our company deals with a group of resourceful experts, who have a strong vision in our own field and the world around us. From this angle we extend our borders and keep innovating continually.

Our Company Real Estate was developed in 1997 and was established, who is the CEO of Our Company Real Estate. As an amateur worldwide of realty, he saw possibilities that others overlooked. He handled to develop chances and to develop unique jobs. Our Company does not go for a set structure, on the contrary, we question it. As an outcome, a special method emerged, which is the standard for our 4 business systems.